Beginner Golf Tips

Beginner Golf Tips

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Check Your Putter Path

Line up your putter just inside a baseboard. Make your stroke. If you hit the board, there’s something wrong with your path. The goal: Miss the board by using a straight or arcing stroke. @michaelhuntgolf

Get Wide Early for Speed Where it Counts

Speed starts at the beginning of your swing. Whether you can whip it 80 miles per hour or 120-plus like me, the key to generating ball speed is creating width in your takeaway. I see a ton of recreational golfers who struggle to create a full turn or rotation. That problem starts during the takeaway. Many golfers pick up their drivers and turn their shoulders. In order to create maximum speed, you have to create maximum width. This is something I work on a lot.
Try taking the club back almost as far out as you can, creating that width. Your body will want to turn with you. This will create more speed when you come down from the top. —Cam Champ

One Drill for Better Driving

Distance is king, but distance and accuracy is the ultimate goal. To master both, you need to extend your arms fully through impact. Try this: Tee up a ball and place another tee six inches outside the first on a 45-degree angle. Your goal is to strike the ball on the first tee and swing the clubhead over the second. Do this and you’ll automatically hit all the right power positions.