Golfing in Tennessee

Golfing in Tennessee

Tennessee Mountain Golf

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Tips for Golf Beginners:

Whip up More Speed

Imagine there’s a whip connected at the clubhead. To get the whip to crack at the bottom of your swing, you must “snap” your wrists and hands through the strike without overswinging your shoulders. Here, I’ve attached a piece of ribbon to the shaft. (It’s a lot safer than an actual whip.) The trick is to consciously get the end of the ribbon to “crack ” right at the bottom of your swing arc. This drill is a great way to take your mind off hitting balls, and instead, hone in on increasing your clubhead speed. —Cheryl Anderson\

Stop Chips on a Dime

The best training aid to help you generate more spin on your chip shots? It’s your golf bag. Lay it on the ground two feet in front of the ball and across your target line. Hit chips over the bag using your sand wedge. The bag’s proximity to the ball will force you to hit down on the ball sharply and with lots of acceleration — two keys for creating max short-game spin.

Square up Your Stance from the Bunker

Tour pros make it look so easy. They play their sand shots with the ball far forward and the clubface wide open. This requires more clubhead speed than most amateurs can muster. Make it easier on yourself. Set up with your shoulders and clubface square, and the ball slightly forward of center. From here, you’ll need to dig the blade into the sand to gouge the ball out, as if you’re playing from a buried lie. You’ll be less likely to blade it or catch it heavily, and — most important — you’ll be on the green. —Kevin Sprecher

The Right Way to Take a Speed Grip

The more the grip rests in your palm, the harder it is to hinge and create power. The opposite is true when the handle is in your fingers. Set the grip diagonally across your digits as shown in the illustration above right, and then wrap your thumb pad over the top of the handle. Get ready to pour on the speed.