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Crossville Tennessee Mountain Golf

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TMG provides custom-tailored golf packages to Fairfield Glade and Crossville. Our packages can be customized to provide you with the very best golfing experience in the State of Tennessee. Tennessee Mountain Golf has over 20 years in the golf package business. We can put together the perfect golf vacation for you and your friends. Our golf package group organizers are available 24/7 to answer your inquiries and emails. There is always a friendly voice to greet you and answer any questions you may have..

Golf Tips

Start on the Practice Range
It might sound tempting to hop on the full golf range with your friends. If you don’t have much experience with swinging a club, it’ll only cause frustration for you and other golfers on the range
Instead, opt for visiting a practice range until you’re comfortable.
At a practice range, you can hit as many golf balls as you want and master your swing, aim, and see how the wind affects your stroke. Plus, you can stay as long as you like without being pressured to skip a hole. 
Once you’ve spent enough time at the range and are comfortable, you can graduate to the full range. You can always come back to practice later if you want to hone your technique more.
Balance Your Stance

A simple thing to remember but difficult to master is finding the right balance with your posture and swing.

Improve your golf stance, and everything about your game could improve.

Your knees should be flexed when you take a swing, legs shoulder-width apart. A wider stance may be required for longer clubs.

Shift your weight forward for shorter irons and clubs, and shift your weight to your back foot for long clubs.

Don’t bend at your waist when swinging. Turn your shoulders on the backswing for more power.

These are just a few key details that can make or break your golf game.

Master Your Swing Tempo
Now that you have your body perfectly balanced and in position, it’s time to work on your swing. This should be done at a practice range, where it doesn’t matter how much you mess up before you get it right. 
Actually hitting the golf ball takes a lot of hand and eye coordination. Over time, you’ll develop a swing style that is most comfortable for you.
If you watch professional golfers, you’ve noticed that everyone swings at least a little differently. They all vary based on various factors such as their height, strength, and personal preference
That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll also come naturally to you all the time. 
Taking lessons can help you weed out bad habits you might develop. If your stance is on point, it’s just a matter of developing better aim and figuring out your swing strength.