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Tennessee Mountain Golf

Tennessee Mountain Golf

TMG provides custom-tailored golf packages to Fairfield Glade and Crossville. Our packages can be customized to provide you with the very best golfing experience in the State of Tennessee. Tennessee Mountain Golf has over 20 years in the golf package business. We can put together the perfect golf vacation for you and your friends. Our golf package group organizers are available 24/7 to answer your inquiries and emails. There is always a friendly voice to greet you and answer any questions you may have..

Golf Tips

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’ve opted for an instructor, they will drill into your lessons on finding a good balance and start with how to square the club at impact. It’s one of the most basic lessons, but you won’t get it on the first try.

If you’ve taken it upon yourself to learn how to golf on your own, you could have learned everything wrong and committed it to memory. The last thing you want to do is go back to square one after months of individual practice.

Practice makes perfect, as they say, and it’s not only a key golf tip for beginners but a key tip for everyone.

And don’t feel like practice is restricted to the warmer months. You can practice your stroke plenty well even in the winter.

See an expert about your grip so you’re not rusty come Spring.

Work on your mental game by creating a routine and imagining the game you’d be playing. It’s a trick often used by experts ranging from musicians to even surgeons.

You can even invest in a golf rug to perfect your short game, for the rare chances you aren’t nailing hole in ones.

Walk the Course
Last but not least, walk the course as you play.
Not only will it help to loosen your nerves and relax between shots, but it allows you to see the different angles of the golf course that you might miss as you cruise along on a cart. You can take the time to think up your next shot and what club you’ll need to use.
Plus, you’ll be saving money by not renting a cart for the round. 
Golf carts can also cause damage to fairways, since modern astroturf is more susceptible to damage, so you’d be saving money for the owners as well.