Golfing in Crossville Tennessee

Golfing in Crossville Tennessee

Tennessee Mountain Golf

Tennessee Mountain Golf provides custom-tailored golf packages to Fairfield Glade and Crossville. We can customize our packages to provide you with the very best golfing experience in the State of Tennessee. Tennessee Mountain Golf has over 20 years in the golf package business. We can put together the perfect golf vacation for you and your friends. Our golf package group organizers are available 24/7 to answer your inquiries and emails. There is always a friendly voice to greet you and answer any questions you may have.

Quiet Hands in the Takeaway

This is a point that could benefit amateur golfers more than any other. The average player uses their hands far too actively during the takeaway phase of the swing. They pay the price when the club is off-plane by the time the backswing has finished. Do you would like to keep the club in a good position all the way through to the top? You need to keep your hands out of the takeaway while your shoulders do all the work.
To move the club back away from the ball, focus on turning your left shoulder away from the target. If you can make that one move , you will be on your way to a perfect takeaway. In reality, the correct takeaway is rather simple, but most golfers overcomplicate it and wind up making mistakes. You want to focus on your wrists during the early part of the backswing – if your wrists are quiet and stable, you should be on the right track.

Making the change from a takeaway that is driven by your hands to one that is driven by your shoulders can be difficult, so you will need to invest some time on the range before heading to the course. Start with some of your shorter clubs and work your way up to the long clubs as you get more and more comfortable with this style of takeaway. In the end, you should be left with a swing that is more-reliable and as powerful as the one you left behind.

Relax Your Grip
It is hard to provide tips that relate to the grip, because everyone feels comfortable holding onto the club in their own way. There are a variety of different grips used in the game. There is one golf grip tip that can apply across the board by every golfer. It is the fact that the grip should be relaxed to promote club head speed and a clean strike. Many golfers squeeze onto the grip too tight as they swing, and those players lose power as a result.
Trying to swing the club while holding on to the handle requires you to walk a fine line. You need to hold on tight enough to keep control of the club from start to finish. You can’t have the club flying out of your hands as you swing, so the grip does need to be tight enough to hold on – but no tighter. Work on finding a grip pressure that will allow you to swing while still controlling the club and you will be a better golfer for the effort.