Golfing in Fairfield Glade

Golfing in Fairfield Glade

Tennessee Mountain Golf

Tennessee Mountain Golf provides custom-tailored golf packages to Fairfield Glade and Crossville. We can customize our packages to provide you with the very best golfing experience in the State of Tennessee. Tennessee Mountain Golf has over 20 years in the golf package business. We can put together the perfect golf vacation for you and your friends. Our golf package group organizers are available 24/7 to answer your inquiries and emails. There is always a friendly voice to greet you and answer any questions you may have.

See the Club Hit the Ball

This is a pretty basic tip, and it is one you have probably heard before, but it still warrants a spot on our list. When you swing down through impact, you need to make an effort to ensure you actually see the club hit the back of the ball. This is an easy point to take for granted, but it is important to the quality of your play. When you watch the club hit the ball, you will be more likely to make solid contact, and solid contact is essential in the quest to lower your scores.

This is a tip that is often considered to be the same thing as ‘keep your head down’, but it is actually different in a meaningful way. If you focus on keeping your head down, you are going to limit the movement that takes place in your shoulders. This is because you will be trying to keep your head quiet. You want your shoulders to be able to turn through the ball on the way down, so you don’t want to think about keeping your head still. It is actually okay if your head moves a little bit through impact, as long as your eyes are watching the ball the whole time.

Play to Your Strengths

Before hitting any shot on the course, you are going to face a series of choices. Which club are you going to hit? What are you going to use as your target for the shot? Are you going to try to hit the ball higher or lower than usual? You will need to answer these and many more questions during the planning phase before taking your stance. As you work through this process, one of the most important things you can do is to keep in mind the strengths that you have as a golfer. By playing to your strengths – and away from your weaknesses – you can achieve better outcomes in the end.
It is tempting to pretend like you don’t have any weaknesses in your game, but that isn’t true for any golfer in the world. Even the best players in the game have weaknesses that they try to avoid whenever possible. It would be great to be able to hit any shot at any time depending on what the course throws your way, but that isn’t a skill that you are likely to have. Don’t fall into the trap of trying shots you can’t execute because you want to prove that you can do it. The beauty of being able to pick your own shots on the course is the fact that you can make decisions which suit your strengths. Be smart about club selection and avoid those shots that give you trouble.
That isn’t to say that you should give up on trying to fix shots that give you problems. During your practice sessions, you should work on improving your game in the areas that it is weakest. You should still play to your strengths on the course. As you get better in some of your weak areas, you may not need to avoid them in the future. Remember, the driving range is for practice and improvement, and the course is for scoring your best. When on course, always pick the shot that gives you the best possible chance to succeed.