Tips for Your Golf Swing

Tips for Your Golf Swing

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Don’t Slide

As far as golf tips go, this is a simple one. Your only job for this important tip is to avoid sliding during the swing. That goes for both directions – you don’t want to slide away from the target, and you don’t want to slide toward the target, either. Ideally, you will be able to keep your weight in the middle of your stance as you swing back. Also, your weight will only move forward toward the target in the downswing as a result of your rotation rather than a slide. Balance is crucial in golf, and staying away from any kind of sliding action will quickly make you a better player.
There are two common points in the golf swing for a player to slide. The first is during the takeaway. As the club starts in motion, some players will slide away from the target, allowing their body weight to move with the club. The other common spot for a slide in the golf swing is during the transition. This is when some players will slide their lower body toward the target before they get started with any kind of rotation. Obviously, you want to avoid both of these mistakes in order to make your swing as powerful and consistent as possible.

To steer clear of the backswing slide, focus on the position of your right knee. As long as your right knee holds its position while the swing is starting, you should be able to steer clear of that early slide to the right. As far as the transition slide goes, it’s all about starting the move down with the rotation of your lower body toward the target. Do your best to turn your left hip open to the target as your downswing begins. If you can make that move reliably, there is little chance you will wind up with a slide.

Stay Perfectly Still While Putting
Moving onto the greens, one of the best tips you can receive while putting is to keep your body as still as possible throughout the stroke. Unlike the full swing, when you need plenty of help from your entire body to produce speed and power, putting is all about precision and control. It takes barely any effort at all to roll the ball toward the hole, so you will want to focus on the precise control of your stroke to have success. One way you can control the club (and the ball) is by keeping your body as still as possible while the putter swings.
Keep your body still while still making a proper stroke. You need to understand what parts of the body are actually responsible for moving the putter back and forth. Ideally, it will be the job of your shoulders to move the putter, while your arms and hands go along for the ride naturally. Place the control of the stroke in your shoulders. You can eliminate much of the unnecessary movement that often causes putts to veer off track. As you swing the putter, your lower body should be still, as should your head and your torso below the shoulders.
One good way to focus on keeping your lower body still as you putt is to think about the position of your kneecaps. These are two specific points that are easy to focus on, and you will instantly be able to tell if they happen to move. While the putter swings, focus on keeping your kneecaps still in the position that they held at address. If you can accomplish that simple task, there is a good chance you will roll plenty of good putts throughout the day.